Introducing HeyReserve: Airbnb for municipal facilities

We’ve been hinting at another addition to the HeyGov toolkit for municipal workers. Today is the day. We’re excited to introduce HeyReserve!

HeyReserve enables the Town/City/Village to earn revenue for the community by showcasing and renting out the town hall or pavilion. HeyReserve means constituents can see available time-slots, make bookings online, accept deposits and have a simple and easy refund process after the booking is complete. 

Constituents can use the HeyReserve app to find and make a booking for a park shelter and pavilion. Constituents get a list of rules and check-in and check-out procedures. They’re able to pay the fee for the deposit as well as for the service fee. After the event has taken place, constituents can get the deposit back after the venue has been inspected for cleanliness. 

HeyReserve offers the following: 

  1. Allow your residents to make online bookings of municipal facilities
  2. Pay for the rental fee and deposit with a credit card
  3. Generate more revenue 
  4. The public can see which facilities are available for booking, at a glance
  5. Save your office mountains of time by offering an online booking system
  6. Auto-sends reservation rules & check-in/out procedures on their reserved date
  7. 1-click return a renter’s deposit after approved check-out
  8. An easy to use calendar with an overview of all dates 

This ensures not only less admin for the town/city worker but the ability to put their love and devotion towards the community - not towards admin. It also means fewer bundles/files as the booking process is available online, from start to finish. 

HeyReserve is one app in the HeyGov toolkit. It can function as a stand-alone or it can be used as part of the HeyGov Productivity bundle - with all the goodies to take the entire town/city or village online. 

The Productivity bundle consists of: 

  • HeyLicense: create a workflow from paper or PDF to online applications and forms. 
  • HeyGov Pay: Accept online applications for permits & licenses
  • Hey311: this app enables the community to engage by reporting and following issues, easily.
  • HeyReserve: show, book and pay for renting municipal facilities.

From the process of A/B testing with current HeyGov customers we’ve had excellent feedback on the launch of HeyReserve! We’d love to add your municipality to the list of happy, HeyGov customers. 

Contact us to talk to a local government professional to determine your needs. 

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