Your boaters can leave their wallets at home and launch their boat from their phone!

Municipal staff already have a lot on their municipal plate. Administering boat launches is one of them. More than likely managing your boat launch is not an area that gets treated with high priority.

Paper is so 19th century, and cash just plain sucks

How many times have you had a boater dig a crusty bill out of their shoe to pay because their boating attire doesn’t have pockets? Or had someone cause a scene because they’re just short on exact change and left their wallet in their land pants? HeyGov hates bra bills as much as you do, which is why we have a digital solution.

A Digital Solution to Boat Launches

Municipal boat launches are often managed through a physical drop box, because apparently, the 1920s never ended in some places. This leads to lost revenue from people who would have paid if they had a convenient payment solution, and didn’t have to put exact change into a box like it’s the Wild West.

QR Codes at Boat Launches

Onboard with HeyGov’s White Glove Service

We provide your municipality with the expertise and assistance to have a fully-customized municipal payment system. We support you throughout the changing needs of your municipality.

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