Seamless FOIA Requests with HeyGov's Digital Gateway

In what can be a very tedious and time consuming process, HeyGov helps municipalities make FOIA requests easier! This innovative tool takes the traditional approach to information access, providing residents and communities with an easier and accessible process. No more red tape; just plain and simple!

The Challenge: Navigating the FOIA Maze

FOIA unfortunately can sometimes look like an obstacle course. Different documents required, manual submissions, and complex procedures often make it difficult to access information. Municipalities, on the other hand, struggled with the administrative burden of processing these requests in a timely manner, along with the loads of other tasks, leading to bottlenecks and delays.

Digital Transformation: HeyGov's FOIA Requests

Using HeyGov's website, residents can digitally submit and monitor their FOIA requests. Municipalities benefit from an automated and centralized system that streamlines the processing of requests, ensuring compliance throughout the process. The online availablility of FOIA requests means no need to visit the town hall to fill out the paperwork required. With secure document access, municipalities can digitally share requested documents, minimizing administrative tasks. HeyGov helps municipalities to be compliant, provide transparent information and to make information accessible for all members of the community.

Features at a Glance

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