Easy Marina Bookings with HeyGov’s Marina Module

HeyGov’s Marina module is built with one of the best public works departments in Wisconsin. The module itself takes their best practices and makes them a reality. The HeyGov team had regular meetings with 4 clerks and their Director. They tested the solution relentlessly to fit the management for their 260 boat slips. It also included daily rentals and annual contracts that are payable online. In addition to that they could manage the Boat launch site through the whole system.

The Old Way: All Hands on Deck

Managing a marina with old-school tools? It's a sea of manual work. Sometimes the Marinas could also be spaced apart and would be managed under different systems. That would mean boaters dropping off checks and cash at the Marina hut and the nearest 7/11 just to secure a spot. Clerks managing the marina on foot and patrols dealing with frustrated residents.

The Marina Module: Smooth Sailing

Getting dark, want to dock?! Whip up your phone, open the app and pay for your Marina slot. Welcome to the future of marina booking. The system ties everything together. It takes payments, shows availability, collects signatures, provides information and allows for an overview of your Marina. Marina Module is your all-in-one, easy-to-use dashboard that brings the marina to your screen. Clerks need no more guesswork, and the beauty of it all, can do it from their own boat if necessary. Remote work is available, you just need to take it.

Features at a Glance:

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