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Hey! We’re Chris and Meagan. Twice a week we host a webinar over Zoom. So come on over and “drop in” to see what HeyGov can do for your municipal staff & residents!

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Who the weekly webinar is for:

This is a twice weekly meeting for you if you’re a municipal administrator, manager, clerk, or other staff member. It’s for you if you want to learn more about HeyGov and how it can improve your payment process. Just “drop in” to learn more!

These demos are definitely not high-pressure sales pitches. (We’re selling time-saving municipal software, not time shares in Florida!)

Instead, these webinars are a chance for you to see the software in action. You’ll learn how it could benefit your municipality.

You’ll get a visual overview about how HeyGov streamlines the payment process. You’ll see how it can integrate with your existing software (like utility billing, and accounting packages).

And, best of all, you’ll get to meet with Chris and Meagan! You can ask them questions about anything. It’s a no-obligation way to see if HeyGov would be an ideal fit in your municipality.

Things You’ll Learn
a. How HeyGov streamlines the payment process and reduces paperwork.
b. How HeyGov handles the payment process and integrates with your software.
c. How HeyGov can be customized to meet your specific needs for any forms or license that requires a payment.