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Finally, a municipal payment solution that reduces your workload!

Use HeyGov to accept payments for all your forms, licenses and permit applications!

A municipal building featuring three characters: a caucasian women holding a cellphone and a utility bill. An older fishermen pointing his cellphone at a QR code to get a boating permit. A woman of color pointing her card to a card reader to pay, while holding her cellphone.
Currently Used by leading municipalities in the US

If the idea of your municipality “going digital” sends you into a cold sweat…

Then go ahead and mop your brow with all that extra paper you’ve got lying around — because HeyGov can help.

HeyGov, the app to rule them all, is sitting on an Olympic pedestal
Go Paperless

Allow citizens online access to important documents

Streamline Licensing and Permitting

Accept online applications for permits & licenses

Take Online Payments

Give citizens the option to pay securely online for things like parking tickets, permits, and more

A city employee digitizing a stack of physical paperwork using HeyGov

You can go paperless
— or not!

Give citizens a choice between the “old” way or the online way.

Sometimes, change is tough. That’s why HeyGov can work WITH your existing paper-based system, instead of completely replacing it. Constituents can choose to do things the “old” way (AKA by coming to your office) or the new way: by using the free HeyGov app on their device.

And as a municipal employee or elected official, you can use HeyGov on your mobile device, too! Inside your app, you’ll have access to the admin section with more dashboards and reports. It’s your friction-free, secure way to serve citizens even better.

Efficient local governance

For Web, Apple, and Android
The free HeyGov app is available in 3 convenient formats
Add HeyGov to your website logo

HeyGov web integration
For people who want to connect with their local government on their phone or computer without downloading an app

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iPhone App
For iOS Users

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Android App
For Android Users

Easily collaborate to get sh** done faster

You'll never have to send another "just following up" email.

Not all municipalities work slowly or inefficiently… but if your town’s to-dos regularly get bogged down in paper piles or command chains, then there might just be room for improvement.

One of the biggest advantages of HeyGov is how easy it is for staff members and department heads to collaborate remotely on viewing and approving permits and applications. 

The system automatically notifies folks when it’s time for their attention and input — so you don’t have to.

three city workers sharing information with each other
HeyGov HeyLicense icon


Manage Forms with
Automated Workflows

  • Digitize your paper-based forms
  • Allow citizens to fill out and sign forms online
  • Build automated workflows for verification, approval, and payment
  • Add paperless options to your municipality!
HeyGov Pay icon

HeyGov Pay

Accept Credit
Card Payments

  • Integrates with HeyLicense so you can accept credit card payments
  • Accept payment for anything (permit fees, taxes, utilities, court fees, etc.)
  • Get a handheld POS terminal to also accept in-person and over-the-phone payments

ARPA-approved ways to make your municipality run as smoothly as Culver’s custard

ARPA approved stamp

In order for a program to be funded by ARPA funds, it has to fall into one of four categories.
HeyGov falls into two. Contact us for more details to learn how you can qualify, or click here to schedule a demo.

Your citizens deserve Safety & Security

HeyGov is built using web security best practices including SSL (secure socket layer) encryption and 256-bit payment processing through Stripe. In English?

Your municipal data and your citizens' personal information are safe with us.

Built by government nerds
for government nerds

HeyGov is built and supported by local government geeks in Wisconsin. After spending 15 years specializing in web solutions for local government, we realized that nice-looking city websites were, well, nice — but there was room for improvement on the E-Government side of things. 

HeyGov launched in 2021 and provides a suite of tools for cities to digitally tranform local government. Our software offers your citizens a delightful experience in local government. Now that’s something you don’t hear every day.

Dashboard view of HeyGov

Check out your new virtual City Hall.

We’d love to show you around. Book a free, quick demo to get a behind-the-scenes look at how HeyGov works — and how it could work for your city.