Finally, a municipal payment solution that reduces your workload!

HeyGov helps municipalities remove burdensome processes.
Save time and improve efficiency with HeyGov's government payment platform.

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HeyGov is the world's most advanced municipal payment system.

It helps cities and counties run more efficiently by connecting payments with forms, giving staff members a single window for all their transactions in one place!

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Save an entire workday each week using HeyGov

Municipal clerks need a payment solution that is efficient and easy to use. HeyGov helps reduce your workload by putting all your forms and payments in an online digital format.Get back an entire workday each week by adding HeyGov’s form and payment solutions to your municipal website.

Headache-free digital forms with a payment solution

Choose to embed your HeyGov forms into your site, or simply link to your secure HeyGov portal. No matter which you choose, your residents’ payments are always secured with military-grade encryption.

HeyGov brings you the latest and greatest in payment technology

Collect Credit Card Payments

From the comfort of their own home, residents are able to pay for licenses & permits, reservations, taxes and utility bills. Both on their phones and PCs.

In Person Payments

By plugging in a card reader, your municipality can accept in-person payments and immediately integrate them with your HeyGov system.

Scan & Pay QR Codes

Stick a QR code anywhere you need to collect payments. All residents have to do is scan, fill out the details and pay! Ta-da!

E-Payments Straight to Your Account

Using ACH is simple with HeyGov. An electronic transfer processed from the residents bank account straight to the municipal account.

You can use HeyGov to collect payments for anything and everything

Here are some of our favorite use cases!

Onboard with HeyGov’s White Glove Service

We provide your municipality with the expertise and assistance to have a fully-customized municipal payment system. We support you throughout the changing needs of your municipality.

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Learn more about how HeyGov can help streamline your municipality. Attend a weekly “Drop In Demo” to see the world's most advanced municipal payment system.

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