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Dive into our collection of case studies and peer testimonials to witness the powerful impact in making Clerk-life easier.

HeyGov is the world's most advanced municipal payment system.

It helps cities and counties run more efficiently by connecting payments with forms, giving staff members a single window for all their transactions in one place!
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Case studies

Administrative Assistant
City of Wautoma (WI)
The City of Wautoma hosts approximately 2,300 residents. Traditionally, work hours in the municipality were mainly filled with preparing utility and other bills individually. Residents would come into the office to make in-person payments. All incredibly time-consuming, leaving very little space for the other work that had to be done. 

After setting up a new website with Town Web, City Council took the decision to get HeyGov early in 2023, and, according to Shelley, it’s made a huge difference in the day-to-day running.

For Shelley, the best part has been getting the water utility bills made available online, using their website.

She’s been pleasantly surprised by the response from residents, and says that a growing number of people are making use of it.

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Peer Reviews

Village of South Amherst (OH)
"Being a municipal clerk for a village with a population of 1580, you need to be very creative with the limited resources you have at your disposal."
City of Mineral Point (WI)
"They are open to any suggestions that we’ve had and are willing to work with us to learn our procedures and processes to help make HeyGov as useful as possible."
Village of  Suring (OH)
"HeyGov has been a blessing to our Village. Having HeyGov integrated into our website has helped immensely with digitizing our small community."
City of Woodlands (MN)
"They understand that I’m a department of ONE and are always there to help."
Town of North High Shoals (GA)
"HeyGov is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to get help when I'm stuck. The encouragement and support is phenomenal."
City of Wautoma, WI
"You make technology, even for those of us who have no idea how to make any of it work, fun. Whatever we need, they just keep coming up with the solutions for us."
City of Sheboygan, WI
"The members of the HeyGov team have always been attentive to us during the transition to HeyGov, troubleshooting specific requests for developments or changes to existing platforms to fit our needs."
Village of Belgium, WI
"HeyGov is a great resource for small municipalities like ours. It has provided us with some great online opportunities that we wouldn’t be able to provide to our residents on our own."

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