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Hey311 helps you connect with your citizens and take care of their requests. It's a win-win scenario where citizens are happy knowing their needs are taken care of and municipality's are acknowledged for the good work they do. 🏆

Clerks and departments have a 20,000ft view of what's going on in their municipality and they can easily communicate with their citizens and take control of their workflows making their job more efficient. 🚀

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Submit requests from the HeyGov mobile app

Hey311 available for Citizens on the Mobile App

  • Submit Requests with their phone while on the move
  • Receive in-app notifications about their requests
  • Quickly follow up and add additional information
  • Be happy knowing that their community is cared for
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How your Citizens Submit Requests:

Citizens can submit requests on the go


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Assign tickets to departments or specific people


Clerk overview of a submitted question

Keep track of what was submitted


Hey311 Dashboard

Instantly notify residents when their request is being handled


Hey311 Request overview

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