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Online rental of municipal establishments

Manage venues online and receive payments in time

Enabling your municipality to earn revenue for the community by showcasing and renting out the town hall, pavilion or any other facility. HeyReserve means constituents can see all the facilities, their available days and time-slots. Make bookings online using a calendar app, accept deposits and have a simple and easy refund process after the booking is complete.

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Make online deposits with credit card

Inside the easy-to-use backend, you can choose which payment types to accept: tap, QuickPay or using a card reader. Payments can be labeled, and allocated to the department that should receive the payment. (The Accounting team will love you!)

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Provide an overview of available municipal facilities at a glance

The magic of HeyReserve lies in its simplicity and the ‘view’ of the facilities it gives. It’s like Airbnb for municipalities. 

With a calendar app, an overview of dates and time slots are available. It also details the amenities of each facility, the cost to rent, and the check-in/out procedures. Citizens select a date, a timeslot and make a deposit using their credit card. Each facility has a photo gallery, to walk constituents through what the facility looks like. 
All bookings are approved/declined by managers. 

Saves time and human resources

As you bring your municipality into the paperless era, you can still accept in-person payments. With a handheld Point of Sale (POS) terminal, you can take payments from folks who want to pay in person or over the phone. 

Naturally, all in-person card reader payments are instantly logged inside your HeyGov Pay account. Lots of staff taking payments? Order as many payment terminals as you need. 

Inside the easy-to-use backend, you can choose which payment types to accept, how to label them, and what department should receive the payment.

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Facilitate compliance with automated communication, before, after and during booking

After a manager approves the booking, the guest gets an instant notification that the booking is confirmed. By logging into the app, the guest can see the status of their reservation. 

On the date of the check-in, the visitor will get an email with the information for the check-in and check-out times and procedures, with information about how to get 100% of their deposit back. 

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