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Take payment for municipal services online or in person

Save trees & get paid with ease
with HeyGov Pay

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You can’t run a municipality without money…
So make it easier for your citizens to pay!

HeyGov Pay gives your citizens the convenience
of paying for any service, using any method

Local residents
& businesses can use…

  • All major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Personal checks
  • ACH

To pay for...

  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Parking tickets
  • Utility bills
  • Taxes
  • Park & facility rentals
  • Anything else your municipality takes payments for! 

Accept ‘em all,  big or small

HeyGov Pay works for all transactions, from minor parking and traffic ticket payments to larger payments for taxes, fees, and more.

Integrate online payment forms into your website…

HeyGov Pay works by itself, and you can also integrate it directly into your local government website.

Choose to embed your HeyGov Pay options into your site, or simply link to your secure HeyGov Pay portal. No matter which you choose, your residents’ payments are always secured with military-grade encryption.

Automatically categorize received payments

Inside the easy-to-use backend, you can choose which payment types to accept, how to label them, and what department should receive the payment.

(Just think of all the free time the accounting team will have. Wait, maybe that’s not a good thing.)

… or take payment in person with a physical card reader

The beauty of HeyGov Pay? You don’t have to go completely paperless, now or ever. 

As you bring your municipality into the paperless era, you can still accept payments in person. With a card reader, you can take payments from folks who want to pay in person or over the phone.

Naturally, all in-person card reader payments are instantly logged inside your HeyGov Pay account. Lots of staff taking payments? Order as many payment terminals as you need.

Caucasian man holding a cellphone in the palm of his hand.

HeyGov Pay lives inside the HeyGov app...

Since HeyGov Pay is part of the HeyGov app, your residents can use the HeyGov app to pay for services right from their smartphones (or desktop computers. Or laptops. Or embedded brain-Internet interfaces. Just planning for the future here).

Not only can your users opt out of paper bills and notices, you’ll also have far fewer mailed payments to process by hand. Go ahead and add all the money your municipality saves on stamps to your office party budget. You can thank us later.

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Integrates seamlessly with HeyLicense

Payments are just one side of the coin. The other? Using HeyLicense to digitize your forms and collect them into one easily accessible spot
for review and approval.

Citizens can easily pay for forms and documents that require payment (like permits and parking tickets).


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We got the answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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