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Discover HeyLicense: the software solution that modern municipalities are using to digitize and automate their paper processes. It works like your assistant, only better — because it doesn’t need lunch breaks or PTO.

With HeyLicense, it’s easy to digitize your paper forms and make them fillable online. Just a few examples of the types of documents you can digitize:

  • Building permit applications
  • Police report requests
  • Event permit applications
  • Business & occupational license applications
  • Online 311 requests
  • Tax forms

Once your forms are digitized (psst, we digitize the first ones for free!), you'll save even more time by not having to meet people at City Hall just so they can hand in applications or drop off documents.

Citizens love it. Really!

However much you dread dealing with citizens (no, we know, you love them) — they look forward to dealing with their local government 10 times less.

That’s why residents love using HeyLicense. Inside the app, they can apply for permits  and licenses and pay the associated fees. They can see their submitted applications, what's next in line, and even check the status of any pending requests.

HeyLicense doesn’t just make your municipality more efficient. It offers your citizens transparency and convenience.

Yep, there’s more.
With HeyLicense, you can also… 

Need to loop in certain people or departments? No problem. HeyLicense makes it easy to build and customize workflows so what needs to happen happens automatically. You can…

Send automatic reminders

For permits or licenses that need to be renewed, choose to have HeyLicense send automatic renewal reminders. All of a sudden, keeping your town up-to-date with operator licenses, business permit renewals, and even annual pet rabies tags is a cinch. 

Not only do residents appreciate the reminders, you’ll no longer have to spend your valuable time calling (or emailing) people. 

Caucasian man typing on his cellphone

Give your forms the finger 

Let people sign your municipal forms digitally from their own tablet or phone, using their finger. (Hopefully not THAT finger, though when it comes to sending in complaint forms...)

E-signatures are secure, legally compliant, and keep the paperwork from piling up. You and your fellow residents have been using your finger to sign at coffee shops for years — shouldn’t it be that easy for your municipality, too?

Redact sensitive info

The HeyLicense form builder makes it easy to selectively redact any fields that contain personal identifiable information (PII), so that the public never sees it.

Keep your residents feeling safe while you keep their information secure. Redacting: it’s not just for the CIA anymore.

Integrates seamlessly with HeyGov Pay

Forms are just one piece of running a well-oiled local government. The other? Payments. Along with digitizing your forms, collecting online signatures, and bringing the right people in at the right time, you can use HeyGov Pay to take payments.

From application fees and parking tickets to business license renewals and tax payments, HeyGov Pay makes it easy for your municipality to collect payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

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