Uses of HeyLicense

HeyLicense, and ALL its uses

As you can derive from the title, HeyLicense has many uses - because each municipality is unique and so is it's needs. As one of four current modules/apps available in the HeyGov toolbox, it was also one of the first we developed. HeyLicense was developed to solve more than one problem because, as government nerds, we understand that all municipalities have paperwork - but they all differ. 

HeyLicense can be used for paperless submission of:

  • Dog licenses
  • Building permits
  • Operators licenses
  • Voluntary statements
  • Boat launch permits: if this tickles your fancy, read all about our answer to automated boat launches here.
  • Parking tickets
  • Land use application: the Town of Spider Lake is developing an online version of the Land use permit, quite a complicated form made simple and paperless. 
  • Zoning permit
  • Burning permits
  • Driveway permits

As you can see the possibilities are endless, we can customize HeyLicense to your workflow and needs. 

The advantages of HeyLicense are:

  • Forms can be filled out online and with the app. It’s Covid-19 friendly, no need to visit the town hall.
  • The convenience of routing all information online: the application is passed to the various steps or departments - no more driving to deliver an application to another department. 
  • You can keep your existing process.
  • Departments get notified when their input/ approval is needed.
  • Workflow is visible by different departments which enables productivity and faster turnaround
  • City employees can see the application and its progress. 
  • Automated renewal notices are sent out
  • Support documentation is attached to the application like rabies certificates. 
  • It’s online! Millennials will love you for it! 

The proof is definitely in the pudding and you, as a responsible government worker, need to do due diligence to ensure it all works! 

We got your back. Here’s a case study of three municipalities that successfully implemented HeyGov for three (very) different reasons. 

Give us a shout with questions, or to find out more!

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