The proof is in the (municipal) pudding

HeyGov, that just went to market, prove to be a worthy player in the #GovTech community. If you've just joined us, HeyGov is a payment solution to make municipal clerks' and administrators' lives easier. 

Our bag of tricks helps you accept payment online, process license and permit applications and painless ways to report issues to the town. 

Because we realize the proof is in the pudding, here are examples of municipalities that have joined HeyGov and how they've used it to streamline current services: 

Town of Somerset

The daily boat launch permit, in this small Wisconsin town, meant everyone was working on the weekend. The Clerk to accept checks and applications, the County PD to ensure boaters have permits and someone to pickup the checks from the box and bank it. 

For the Town of Somerset signing up with HeyGov means:

  • The clerk's time is spent serving the community because applications for boating licenses are online and auto-approved.
  • Payment is done online, safe and secure. 
  • Each applicant receives a reference number that corresponds to their application. It is written on a piece of paper and put into the box at the harbour. 
  • Promotes compliance because boaters are encouraged to be on the right side of the law. 
  • Loss of revenue due to inconvenience.

Town of Remington

The Town of Remington wanted a solution to make forms easily available to constituents. It meant getting rid of paper copies and PDFs with HeyGov.

For the Town of Remington signing up with HeyGov means:

  • Access to all forms and applications on their website. 
  • Payment is processed online for all applications like building permits, dog licenses, alcohol and bartender licenses. 
  • Real estate taxes are paid online, on in person.
  • Fire department volunteer forms are filled out and submitted online. 
  • Building a database of individuals needing a specific permit eg. dog license to send out electronic renewal notices.

Town of Spider Lake

The Town of Spider Lake, situated in the Northwoods area of Wisconsin, needed a consolidated process to make their forms available to constituents. 

Access to HeyGov for the Town of Spider Lake means: 

  • Online application to the Land Use Permit, which is often used. 
  • Combine the process for all forms; to be online and streamlined. 
  • Enabling the clerk and administrator to custom-make the forms, according to the need with the help of the white-glove service from HeyGov support. 

Three case studies, three very different needs. HeyGov is built to enable easier ways of doing, we've got plenty of tricks to form a customized solution for your problem.

You can earn revenue for the municipality, be cool and hip (like we know you are) by giving constituents an app to do all the things on and make you love your job again - because we know you secretly, actually do. 

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