The Advantages of HeyReserve

HeyReserve is the newest tool in the HeyGov suite of tools. The Heygov toolkit is more than just apps, it is a decision to empower yourself and the constituents in your municipality. 

It is about choosing to save money, generate more revenue (that can be plowed back into the community!), and improve licensing compliance (because it’s so easy to do) while also improving a community's social capital.

Nearly all the tasks that were done in person, before the pandemic, can now be done online. Payments, permits and licenses, facility management: people are very attached to their phones (whether it’s a good or a bad thing) - we may as well work with it. 

HeyReserve is like Airbnb, but for municipal facilities! HeyReserve was inspired by an (actual) clerk who was best friends with his bookings binder… Until HeyReserve! 

This tool offers three BIG (very big) advantages: 

  1. Problem: having to chat each individual through all the amenities each facility offers, while checking in the binder for available dates.
    Solution: Streamlined reservation management
  • It’s easy to see each facility’s availability because each facility has its booking link: easy to view the amenities of each facility, the cost to rent, and the check-in/out procedures
  • Allows for each facility to be rented for a whole day or a partial day
  • Able to create ‘block out dates’ that prevent the facility from being rented out to the public
  • People can make a booking online, but a manager needs to click to approve the rental. 
  • Easy payment for the booking and deposit using a credit card

This saves you, as a local government worker, time and energy to work on other tasks.

  1. Problem: explaining the procedure to every individuals that calls/emails the town hall and updating guests when their booking is approved/declined. Updating the rules of the reservation and making sure the facility is left clean, for the next booking. And, coordinating the keys.
    Solution: Streamlined check-in and check-out procedures
  • The guest gets an instant notification when the booking is made
  • After a manager approves the booking, the guest gets an instant notification that the booking is confirmed
  • The guest can log in to the app to see the status of their reservation
  • On the date of the check-in, they will get an email with the information for the check-in and check-out procedures, with information about how to get 100% of their deposit back.

Enabling compliance, from constituents, easily and simply.

  1. Problem: going over bank statements every month, to match facility bookings with booking reference numbers and report on the revenue made on a facility.
    Solution: Revenue and reservations overview on the HeyReserve admin screen.
  • Reports can be exported, simply and easily, to show data on reservations and the revenue generated.

Keeping track of money is always a task: this not only saves you time but makes it simple for the municipality to earn revenue for renting out existing facilities.

You know we’ve got your back; any municipal problem… Head to HeyGov.

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