HeyReserve: Airbnb for Municipalities

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Nelet Kok
May 18, 2022

The latest tool in the HeyGov suite of tools is called HeyReserve. This one has been a dream of the HeyGov team and we’re very excited to see it take flight! 

This tool enables towns, cities and villages of all sizes, to earn revenue for the community by showcasing and renting out the town hall, gazebo, pavilion or community center. 

The Town Hall is the heart of your community. It's where it's all going down! It's where events take place, decisions are made and celebrations are held. 

These facilities can help support projects in the community when it’s rented out. It can be used for birthdays, graduations, Gran’s 80th party or just to BBQ and hang out with friends. However, all Clerks and their teams are awesome, but they only have two hands! And, renting out municipal facilities may move down the list of daily to-do’s, to make time for the more urgent tasks. 

HeyReserve is an easy-to-use booking tool that enables constituents to view available time slots, make bookings online and accept deposits. 

Seriously streamlined reservations

  • Each facility has its booking link.
  • Able to view the amenities of each venue, the cost to rent, and the check-in/out procedures
  • Different time slots available to rent
  • Able to create 'block out dates' that prevent facilities like the community center, Pavillion, park or town hall, and shelter from being rented out to the public.
  • People can make a booking online. A manager needs to approve the rental.
  • People can pay the booking fee and the deposit with a credit card.

And, to answer the question we know you're going to ask: the payment processing fee is covered by the resident, not the city!

Seriously streamlined check-in and check-out procedures

  • The guest gets an instant notification when the reservation is made.
  • After a manager approves the booking, the guest gets an instant notification that the booking is confirmed.
  • Guests can log in to the app to see the status of their reservation
  • On the date of the check-in, guests will get an email with the information for the check-in and check-out procedures, with information about how to get 100% of their deposit back.

For local municipal administration, this means easy and efficient service to their community.

And, it enables citizens to access info easily and on the go. 

Ready to see how HeyGov can help your city and its constituents?

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