Workflows in Local Government

We'd all like to believe that we know what goes into the perfect sandwich, right?
Let's take a BLT, for example, bread, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. With or without butter? Mayo, both sides or just one? Salt and pepper? Crispy bacon? 

We all know what goes into a BLT, but taking the steps to make one is another question.

Making a BLT is a workflow; a series of steps. Much like a driveway permit or an operator's license. As you've gathered, we're discussing workflows in local government - unfortunately not teaching you all about the perfect BLT (this time!)

What is a workflow?

Workflow is essentially any process that requires a certain amount of steps to reach the goal. In local government, this could include applying for an operator's license or a driveway permit. It’s the process of going from A to B - from the application form to approval.

In local government, there are so many different types of requests from citizens. From applying for a driveway permit to a business license, dog licenses to a boat launch permit: each request requires its own set of steps and tasks. Having a well-defined process, with clear steps can help local governments manage citizen requests more efficiently. It also helps Local Governments establish accountability and supports the transparency that citizens expect.

What are the benefits of having workflows in Local Government?

Workflows allow local government to easily track and automate processes that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming. Local governments can save time and money by streamlining the review process while providing a better experience for citizens by having simple, efficient processes from start to finish.

Fewer errors in applications mean more productivity and improved communication with residents. Higher efficiency or productivity leads to less waste (paper and your time!) and lowers costs.

Sounds like a win/win! 

Government workflow automation and its benefits?

Workflows are repeatable steps, to get to the same outcome. This means that automating steps can help you get to the end goal, in this case, a perfectly completed license or permit that would allow you to approve the application, in a jiffy!

Automated workflows help busy clerks save time and money. It eliminates manual, mundane steps Clerks often have to take, like data entry or document matching - which means fewer errors and a faster review process.

At HeyGov we provide Local Governments with the ability to automate workflows while tracking who completed what tasks in each workflow. This gives local municipalities visibility into the process and holds everyone accountable - providing them with a better experience.

Government workflow automation can help municipal staff with the following steps, that's usually done manually:

  • Tracking the progress of the application
  • Monitoring for errors like spelling mistakes, and incorrect or incomplete contact details.
  • Notifying certain people when steps are completed or conditions are met: like the PD, when a permit needs their approval or for a background check.
  • Generating regular reports

At HeyGov, we understand the importance of efficient workflows for busy municipal Clerks. We provide local municipalities with an easy-to-use payment platform that takes can also build user-friendly licenses and workflows.

Government workflow automation can help streamline the application, payment and review process of licenses, forms and permits, while making sure citizens receive an awesome experience. HeyGov provides Local Governments with an easy-to-use digital payment platform that provides digital licenses and workflows, for faster approval and fewer errors.

If you’re a busy Clerk (we know you are!) consider using HeyGov as solution to eliminate the mundane tasks, that sometimes get very frustrating. 

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