Wonderous Workflows (with electronic signatures!)

When it comes to efficient ways to deal with forms, permits, and applications HeyGov offers the best solution. HeyGov’s end-to-end workflow with a payment step and electronic signature ensures transparency in the process.

Let's chat about the newest kid on the block though, the electronic signature and its place in the process.

What Are Electronic Signatures?

Simply put, they’re the digital version of a handwritten signature. It’s also known as a dry signature, because no ink is required. It's the digital equivalent of printing out a form, application or contract and signing it with a pen. A secure electronic signature is legally binding, whether you're signing documents from your desktop or mobile device. Ours is admissible in court under the ESIGN 2001 and not only helps you get a legitimate submission but also helps residents train their drawing skills on their computer or phone. If someone is not feeling very artistic they can use the classic DocuSign technique and choose a pre-drawn signature.

Why Do You Need It?

Electronic signatures allow individuals to securely and quickly sign documents without the hassle of traditional paperwork. (Who carries a pen with them nowadays?) It means a faster and easier process when signing a permit, or application with your local municipality.

The traditional process:

  1.  Print a document
  2. Fill out the required info
  3. Signing the document
  4. Scan the signed document
  5. Attach it to an email
  6. Drop off a check or cash at the town hall

It now is condensed into:

  1. Opening the document
  2. Fill out the required info
  3. Sign and submit!

It provides the opportunity for several individuals to sign a document, without it being passed from person to person. This helps keep completed documents organized, secure, and easily trackable. This process also means a completed document - with all the fields correctly filled out and payment made - is processed: no more needing to match checks with application forms or call to get the correct info.

Elements Of A Good Electronic Signature Provider

An electronic signature aims to simplify and complete a digital workflow. Taking a permit, application or form process from start to finish, to create a legally binding digital signature.

  • A secure solution to verify each signer's identity
  • Signature match
  • Automated workflows
  • Payment collection, as part of the application, form or permit that enables the applicant to pay for the document in question.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Support document attachment

Do You Need Separate Software for Electronic Signatures? 

Absolutely not!
HeyGov has got the stuff - read on! I’m sure you’ll find a nice spot for the $500-$2000 annual fee you would’ve spent on it. 

What Does HeyGov Offer?

  • HeyGov makes this process fast and easy by providing an end-to-end procedure for workflows and payments.
  • It's secure, reliable, and allows you to complete tasks quicker than ever before.
  • With HeyGov, you can easily and securely sign a document without leaving the comfort of your own home.
  • Ability to sign from laptops, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets - we cannot confirm nor deny that we’re working on electronic signatures submitted by these new and fancy smart fridges and toasters.
  • An intuitive platform with a simple user interface so you can quickly accept signed applications, forms, and permits online in minutes!
  • Transparent annual pricing so you can make sure your budget is also signed off (see what we did there!)
  • Digital forms and applications with prompts to guide the applicant to the next step, ensuring a completed correctly filled out form or application.

HeyGov provides the perfect solution for start-to-finish workflows with payments and signing documents for forms and permits. HeyGov presents an easier and more secure way to sign the forms. It also ensures payments are collected at the same time as the signer’s legal agreement. HeyGov makes it easy to create a legally binding agreement with fast, secure, and reliable workflows. HeyGov’s intuitive platform allows you to quickly complete applications, forms and permits without leaving your home.

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