Wisconsin start-up supports municipal clerks

City clerks make the world spin, whether you want to believe it or not. The role of a clerk spans wider and deeper than we know. An initiative from the WCEF (Wisconsin Clerk Education Fund) to collaborate and support municipal clerks. The support enables upskilling their skillset and to contribute their expertise to the communities where they live and work.

The WCEF is part of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association, a state-wide organization that works for the empowerment and development of municipal clerks. Opportunities available can be accessed in the form of seminars, conferences and certifications. The organization offers educational opportunities and mentorship. In 2022, the aim is to secure $8000 for scholarships and training opportunities.

HeyGov has donated $2500 to the Wisconsin Clerk Education Fund (WCEF).

HeyGov, an e-government management software, believes in making life easier for clerks, administrators and constituents alike. With the HeyGov platform, municipal services such as payments, forms & licenses and reports are streamlined to fit in the palm of your hand. Aimed at everybody (the rest of us and millennials) HeyGov is available as an iOS/Android app.

Dustin, you-can-trust-what-he-says, Overbeck founder and CEO of HeyGov and Town Web sees this donation as creating the opportunity for municipal clerks to learn. With nearly two decades of experience in local governance under his belt, is convinced that the effectiveness of any administration relies on the clerks and administrators, and is often overlooked. With this knowledge and experience, he set out to develop a range of apps to keep communities safe from Covid-19; while encouraging the use of technology (not that we need much encouragement) to easily move municipalities online.

The offering includes online and in-person payment services with HeyGov Pay, digitization of existing processes to process fees. HeyLicense enables online applications of licenses (you name it, we got it: dog, boat, building...) permits, police reports and tax forms. While Hey311 makes the reporting of faults in the neighborhood such as faulty traffic lights, potholes or water outages easy.

We love sharing the good news, whether the launch of an app to make you love your job again or the spread of kindness... Good news sure is needed!

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