The A-Z of HeyGov

HeyGov, digital government on your phone, is a toolkit for every municipality - whether big or small, town; village or city. We have a tool in our toolbox for your community: to enable local governments to work better and faster. HeyGov help to save every municipality time, generate revenue, enable licensing compliance, while also improving a community's social capital. To work more streamlined and more efficiently, and to make use of the resources available to municipalities, to make this happen.

HeyGov offers: 

  • Hey311: rapid reporting at its best! Report and track issues in your municipality
  • HeyGov Pay: online and in-person payments via the web or mobile app.
  • HeyLicense: paperless permits and licenses for every.single.permit you can think of: dog licenses, operators licenses, land use permits, boat launch permits… In short, ALL the licenses!
  • HeyReserve: online rental of municipal facilities like the gazebo, sports pavilion or town hall. 

To give you a brief overview of the ins and outs of HeyGov, here’s a dictionary of key concepts you will encounter and what it means: 


App. HeyGov is available as an app, which means anyone with a smartphone can access it. 

A/B testing. A practice of comparing two versions of online content like websites and apps, to understand bugs and fix them. 


Bugs. Problems picked up by testing the app/website before launching it. 


Cloud-based. Essentially a server that keeps all the data of HeyGov safe and secure.

Compliance. Rule or law-abiding.  


Digital. Making use of computers to make functions available to everyone. 

Digitized. Forms are available online, no more papers as the entire form can be filled out online.

Dashboard. The admin screen for local government workers is also called a dashboard, providing an overview of the HeyGov services in your municipality, and its stats. 

Demo. A 25min virtual chat to show you an overview of HeyGov or a specific tool you’re interested in. 


E-signatures. A digital signature, legally binding a person to the terms set out in the paperwork. 


Facilities. Any structure or establishment. We refer to it as part of HeyReserve. 


Government. By Government nerds, for Government nerds - help you work easier and faster.


HeyVille. A fictional, happy village in which we test all the HeyGov functions. 


International. Team with perspectives from all over the world.

Integration. Through the HeyGov widget, on your website.


Jurisdiction. Each Heygov account (town, city, village, etc) is a jurisdiction .


Knowledge. Because municipal residents are happy because their voices are heard and services delivered.


Legality. In digital signatures that are admissible in court based on the ESIGN Act 2001


Module. Another word we use for each tool in the HeyGov toolkit.

Municipality. A unit of local government - like a village, town or city.


Notifications. A virtual heads up, in-app, about new reports and submissions.


Online. Accessible on your computer or on the mobile app.


Paperless. No more paper forms or PDFs that need to be completed to apply for a license/permit

POS. Point of sale: making a payment with a credit card, making use of a point of sale terminal.


Quality. Ensure makes you and your data are secure when using the app.


Reminders. Used to be done manually to remind constituents that their license expired. With HeyLicense reminders are sent automatically. 

Report. Using Hey311 means constituents can report issues in the municipality like a water outage or a pothole, and track its progress. 


Swag. Shop for cool HeyGov swag to beautify your municipal office. 

Suite. Set of tools, also see 'toolkit.'


Toolkit. Bag of tricks, basically. Currently, we have four tools, but stay tuned! 


Universal. Can be used by any type of municipal government.


Village. Yes, even villages use HeyGov 🤯


Widget. A mini version of the HeyGov app, embedded into your website. 


Xerox. The ancient machine that won't need anymore after signing up with HeyGov.


Yesterday. Problems are behind you with the new HeyGov process.


Zippy. Fast when you do your work.

There you have it, the A-Z of e-government management software! 

Meet your community where they’re at, online. 

*Written in conjunction with the HeyGov CTO: Andrei Igna and COO: Atanas Prchev.

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