QR codes: What You Need To Know And How We Use It

HeyGov, as a set of tools, aims to make the lives of municipal workers and constituents easier. Saving time, money and patience. Using technology, because of the digital age, means largely walking away from in-person contact to make payments using cash or a check, filling out paper applications or standing in line at the Town Hall to submit the said application. All of which we’ve used pre-Covid-19, however, the pandemic sped up the process to go online. 

We also love playing, and if we’ve found one tool that is both digitally available and offers a variety of functions - it’s the QR code. 

At HeyGov we make use of exciting technology to build our apps and to make them user-friendly for both municipal workers and constituents alike. 

QR stands for quick response code and like any other barcode, it stores information. It’s a convenient way to store a lot of data, in a small space. It’s a machine-readable label. 

For HeyGov, to yoke the cool things brought to us by the digital age, we make use of a QR code for the following:

  • Scan to access an email address
  • Scan to visit a landing page with specialized information. No need to access the website and navigate to the different pages, anymore. 
  • Share cool examples of municipalities using HeyGov, like the Town of Somerset making use to streamline their boat launch permits
  • Point and scan, to download the HeyGov app. Taking the hassle out of accessing the play store, searching for the app and downloading it. 
  • Directing constituents to the HeyGov social media pages
  • A QR can give you fast-like-Ferrari access to book a municipal facility like the shelter, pavilion or community center.

As you can see, a block with a lot of possibilities. We love to solve problems, save people time and money and enable streamlined and efficient work, which is our jam. Meeting and participating with your community is now so much easier. 

When you want your Village/Town/City to work efficiently, use HeyGov in your municipality!

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