Maximizing Efficiency With Municipal Payments: An Overview From The Webinar

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by the outdated and complicated accounting and municipal payment solution used by your municipality for utility billing and payment forms? Well, you're not alone! A lot of municipalities both big and small, still rely on manual processes that take up a ton of time and effort, especially when it comes to recurring payments and monthly reconciliation.

But, guess what? There's a municipal payment solution that can make your life easier: the HeyGov payment portal. HeyGov is a user-friendly digital payment platform that simplifies the payment process for residents, and the best part is that it works seamlessly with Workhorse's accounting and utility billing software.

This partnership between HeyGov and Workhorse means that your municipality can have a comprehensive and hassle-free payment experience for residents. Gone are the days of dealing with clunky and time-consuming manual processes. HeyGov's modern digital payment platform makes it easy for residents to pay bills, and Workhorse's software streamlines the whole process for you. 

Workhorse is an established provider of accounting and utility billing software, headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin. Their software helps municipal clerks and treasurers streamline their processes and offers excellent customer service and support. Meanwhile, HeyGov is based in Door County, Wisconsin, and offers a user-friendly digital payment portal that residents love to use. Municipal clients get white-glove service so they can start collecting card payments without any technical knowledge.

By partnering we provide a soup-to-nuts solution for your municipality's utility billing needs. With HeyGov's payment portal, residents can pay their bills online with a credit card, while Workhorse's software allows you to collect meter readings, generate invoices, receive payments, and reconcile all payment details into your accounting software.

During this live webinar, we covered three key elements:

  1. Customization of utility billing software to fit the specific needs of your municipality and improve your daily operations.
  2. How Workhorse's utility billing software works seamlessly with HeyGov's payment platform to simplify the payment experience for your residents.
  3. An illustration of the process of generating and sending bills to customers through the payment portal, and how Workhorse manages payment reconciliation.

We understand that your time is valuable and that a Clerk’s work is never done - which is why we want to help you streamline your utility billing and payment processes. Keep an eye out for our upcoming webinars by visiting our website: or pop us a message if you’d like to unpack if this is a solution your municipality can use. 

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