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Dustin Overbeck
February 20, 2022

HeyGov is a Citizen's Engagement app that allows people to send requests in their town. It's built with City Administrators & Managers in mind who want to keep citizens happier.

1. Citizens can send requests

2. A municipal staff member will assign the request to a specific person or department

3. You'll be able to keep track of what was reported (and keep the citizen in the loop).

Contact us at if you'd like to add a Citizen's Engagement Platform to your website!

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Dustin Overbeck
I've been working with local governments since 2007 when I founded Town Web (a web solutions provider for local government). In 2021, I founded HeyGov, Inc. and surrounded myself with a team of really smart and dynamic people. HeyGov is e-government management software. It's a suite of tools to digitally transform local government. Our software is web-based & allows government workers, elected officials, and their constituents to interact online. HeyGov is unique because we're providing an iOS & Android app for constituents to use.

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