Human Resources vs AI

This debate is a complex one, so I hope you've come prepared with a) coffee or tea, b) your opinion and c) an open mind.

Let's dive in!

AI (artificial intelligence) has been on our radar for some time, recently it's become part of a bigger debate as we delve into the ethics of having AI part of everyday life. AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, like computers. AI means that machines can be 'trained' to recognize the same things humans can. AI uses an algorithm (a set of rules and parameters) to identify elements and produce similar results. Let's use an example: in the medical field AI can be used to recognize and identify tumors when it's fed all the info that exists on how to recognize different tumors: like their shape, size, age it occurs etc. 

If you're thinking it means that machines will take over the role of Doctors and other health care professionals: no. 

Humans are complex and even though we are clever enough to teach machines most of what we know, it's not quite that simple. 

Let's jump to another example (a slightly happier one): your barista, the one that knows your drink order off by heart and that asks about your family, your dog and your job...

Can we train a machine to make the drink? Yes.

Can the machine interact with you, and chat to brighten even the most Monday of Monday mornings? No.

The same applies to the field of municipal software solutions. HeyGov provides an AI-powered platform to streamline municipal service, but it's not here to replace municipal employees. HeyGov enables municipal staff with a robust suite of integrated tools and services that supports them in their role, by doing repetitive (read: everyday tasks that take up a lot of time) tasks quickly and accurately. It's a way of freeing up time to focus on the tasks that really matter and to use the most precious resource, your time, to serve your community (which is likely why you started working in local government in the first place!). HeyGov empowers municipalities with AI-driven solutions that support their communities, not replace them.

Listening to a podcast recently the Doctor explained that AI or machine learning cannot replace humans for two reasons:

  1. Context: machines can’t understand or recognize context, they only react to what they are ‘told’.
  2. Human touch: the wit, banter, small talk and jokes we all love to hate? Machines can’t provide that personal connection with other individuals. The reason why we connect with others is that it makes us feel like we belong and that we're part of something - AI cannot provide belonging.

Machines are not replacing people, they're supporting people - freeing up more time for them to make a difference in their communities. It's an exciting thought! You are still worthy and great, just more efficient (with the help of HeyGov, of course!)

So there you have it: not a deep-dive but enough to make you think. Machine learning can be used in a variety of different ways and its applications are growing fast. From medical diagnosis to municipal software, it's exciting to see the potential of machine learning and how it can be used to support humans in their work. HeyGov is at the forefront of this innovation, enabling municipalities with AI-driven solutions that help them make a difference in their communities.

What do you think? Do you think machine learning has the potential to support communities?

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