How to make your city go paperless

HeyGov is a new software created for local governments. It's designed to help you work the way you used to before COVID, when everything was done in person.

HeyGov gives your city the opportunity to work remotely. You and your citizens & business can collaborate more efficiently than the time pre-COVID. HeyGov is municipal software that is ARPA approved. It allows you to conduct municipal business remotely & paperlessly.

Building Municipal Software that Citizens will Use

Our belief is to build municipal software that people will actually use. Everything that was previously done in person (pre-COVID) should now be done online.

The list of services that used to always take place in person included:

  • Filling out forms & permit applications
  • Paying for fees with cash or check (or mailing them in)
  • Paying taxes in person (or through the mail)
  • Making utility payments
  • Dropping off proof of a dog's rabies certificate
  • Speaking with municipal employees

HeyGov is building a suite of software tools to streamline things at municipalities. Our goal is to help you work more efficiently than you could prior to COVID. With HeyGov you will be able to do everything online. 

We're making municipal software that people will actually use. With HeyGov, your citizens can do all the below:

  • Fill out forms & permit applications directly through your municipal website
  • Because we've built an Android & iOS App, they can also do the same using their smartphone
  • They can sign documents electronically (similar to DocuSign!)
  • They can pay for any fees for municipal services using major credit cards or their debit card.
  • Accept in person credit/debit card payments using a card reader
  • Pay taxes online
  • Pay utility payments online
  • Submit documents through the app (like a dog's rabies certificate). You can also submit other files like a drawing or plan for a building permit. This can be done both through the web-app and the mobile apps.
  • Speaking with municipal employees is done in-app and via email in an asynchronous way. 

We want to make sure everything is done efficiently. We want municipal employees can work more effectively and remotely. Likewise, we want your citizens & local businesses to have the convenience they deserve. We built the software to serve both you and your citizens/businesses in a convenient way.

Citizens & businesses can conveniently pay their utility bill, apply for permits online, etc.

You and your staff can receive applications electronically. You'll be able to pass these applications to other departments or municipal employees.  You can also check the payment status of each application. Additionally, you can send out automatic renewal notices to applicants proactively. This is a great way to ensure your citizens stay compliant annually with little to no effort.

Another unique feature is the ability to create custom reports. You can build reports in real-time or have pre-built reports sent you on a schedule. HeyGov gives you the tools to manage your municipal business!

HeyGov is building municipal software for local governments. This software helps you serve your citizens better.

And it's our belief that everything done online should also be optimized for the phone. This is what makes HeyGov a unique solution.

Building a Municipal App (iPhone / Android)

HeyGov was built around the idea that municipal services don't always start and end at city hall. We designed HeyGov to be a solution for local governments to connect with their citizens.  Nowadays there are many citizens who work from home. this seems to be a new trend in a post-COVID world.

Let's face it, most people nowadays already have a smart phone. We specifically built HeyGov around the citizen-experience. This is exactly why we designed HeyGov to be an app. It's available for both iPhones and Androids as a native app. This means your city's municipal services will be available at citizens's fingertips.

The days are waning where people have to print out physical forms. Do you still have a fax line? Few places still have one. If they do, it's rare to receive a fax in 2021. Everything. Is. Going. Digital. Period.

Most staff members value having a direct relationship with their citizens. The way to do connect with them is to "mobilize" or "appify" your services. That is, make your municipal services available within a citizen's smart phone, via app.

This gives the greatest convenience to each citizens, including accessibility. People want municipal services available anywhere at anytime. With HeyGov, that's exactly what they get: a native app. It's available for both iPhone and Android.

HeyGov's Core Offering is an Online Form Builder (update: Nov. 2021)

HeyGov gives you a form builder. You will be able to build any form, license or permit application online. It's drop and drag and very easy to use.

Each form created within HeyGov is made is already mobile-optimized. Plus, it's available directly through the HeyGov apps (including the web app).

We've built the Form Builder with the following building blocks listed below. This gives you the flexibility to create any type of form. It also allows you to create custom workflow for each form in your municipality:

  • Name fields
  • Address fields
  • Date picker
  • E-signature fields (works similar to DocuSign!)
  • Conditional field logic. For example, this allows a follow-up question to be asked depending on a previous answer.
  • Payment fields. Allow for online credit/debit card payments, ACH, as well as in-person payments.
  • Conditional payment logic. You can have different pricing based on the items selected in your form. An example is having different pricing for a municipal dog license. If a pet is spayed/neutered, the price is often different from an unaltered pet. HeyGov makes this conditional payment logic easy to add.
  • Document uploading. (allows people to upload files directly from their computer or phone, including photos)

Every form built within HeyGov is fully customizable. It also allows for easy data collection.

Build a Custom Workflow (for streamlined department collaboration)

All forms have a process or workflow to them. A huge benefit to having the forms be digital is that the workflows can also be digital. This allows the workflow to have built-in triggers. These triggers and fire of tasks to different departments, automatically.

Prior to COVID, your city probably passed physical documents from department to department. Maybe you sent PDFs and packets of files via email. Now, with HeyGov you can have digital forms and a digital workflow. HeyGov is an integrated system that can be embedded within your website.

Department managers no longer need physical forms to sign off or give approvals. They no longer need to handle physical paperwork or files anymore. Everything is stored on the cloud with HeyGov. Once your workflow is created within HeyGov, these departments will automatically get notified. This notification can be an email, text message, or an in-app notification.

Many of your forms probably have a section on it where it says "For Office Use Only". That is a form that requires another person or department to give approval. This is exactly what HeyGov's Form Builder helps you build.

HeyGov is approved as an ARPA expenditure because it allows your work to be done remotely.  Because it's ARPA-approved, you can use existing funds to pay for it. It's technically "free"!

The built-in reporting tools are also a huge benefit to municipal staff. It will let you know at what stage each citizen or business form or application is in. You can send a reminders to people or departments if there is something you're waiting on from them.

Every department in your city can benefit from a digital workflow. HeyGov is probably the most important municipal software solution for cities in 2021! Especially in the post-COVID era!

Accept Credit Card Payments for Municipal Services

Nearly every form or permit application at a municipality requires a payment. In the past, these would be paid by check or cash. Now with HeyGov, citizens can pay for the same services with their credit or debit cards.

Accepting these payments is free and easy to do through HeyGov municipal software. There is a credit card processing fee. Most cities are having these added as a convenience fee, which are paid for by the citizen. (They see the fee as a line item prior to check-out.)

HeyGov is a great way for municipalities to start accepting credit card payments. If you've never had a credit card processor before, we make it easy to get started. Unlike other providers, HeyGov does not charge a fee on top of the credit card processing fee. (The processing fee goes directly to the credit card processing company).

We can also provide Point of Sale (POS) Terminals if you'd like to accept in person credit/debit card payments. It is a seamless integration with the HeyGov app. You can have multiple terminals -- one for city hall, a separate one for the police department, etc.

If you do already have a payment processor, that's great! HeyGov can integrate with your existing system. Our goal is to provide seamless integration of municipal services, digitally.

HeyGov is software designed to help your city run the way it used to before COVID, but digitally.  For this reason our municipal software is ARPA-approved. It allows your municipality to conduct business remotely & paperlessly.

You're going to love having this systems as an option in your city because of how helpful. To learn more, just book a demo!

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