How municipalities can accept online credit card payments for municipal services

Municipalities accept payments for user fees daily; payments for permits and licenses, but also municipal facility reservations, taxes, utility bills and boating permits. Traditionally these payments are made with cash and checks. How can municipalities accept online payments for permits, licenses, and other services online? This blog looks at how to bring municipalities into the digital age by accepting online credit card payments for various municipal services.

In-person Payments

Constituents can still come into the Town hall to pay for municipal services, big or small. Even folks who want to pay over the phone. Access to a card reader means accepting payments for walk-ins, easily. No need to bank the checks, either!

Online Payments

Making forms and licenses digitally available, with workflow functions, guiding constituents from step to step, with a payment function means work can continue even when you are away or off! Citizens can easily pay for forms, licenses and applications that require payment. Like tax payments, utility bills, building permits, operators and liquor licenses and dog licenses. 

Quickpay function

Paying without creating an account! This function is for all the Millenials and Gen Z. 

You, or any municipal staff member, can help a walk-in or phone in by sending them a payment request. The link is followed and payment is made by entering the constituents' name, the bill or license number and the card details. This is available as part of the HeyGov platform and is integrated into your website. 

Paying via QR code 

Ideal for boating permits! A QR code works similar to a barcode, it is scanned by a smartphone and directs the constituent to a page where they make payment for a boating permit. 

This means no more icky sock money or kiosks that need to be maintained. 

This article is the first step in making sense of your options for making payments online, in your municipality! Stay on top of your payments by using electronic payments (and renewal notifications) and increase revenue to help you tackle other important projects! 

If online payment solutions will ease your workload, reach out to HeyGov at! 

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