How HeyGov Works with Customers

Since we started HeyGov, our team and the number of customers has grown tremendously. With this growth has come the need for robust, consistent processes that help us ensure that each customer gets the absolute best, highest-quality technical content possible.

One thing we value in our interactions with customers is transparency. We’d like customers to be transparent about their expectations, and we have to be transparent about our timeline and capabilities. In other words, if we have challenges, we’ll share them with you before we get started.

Our Process for Working with Customers

In the interest of transparency, we’re sharing our entire onboarding process as it stands today. While things occasionally change, you might find it helpful to read through this to understand the process. With this, we aim to make this process seamless and efficient. 

This gives you a clearer idea of what to expect as you consider or start your engagement with HeyGov.

Typically, onboarding takes approximately 1-3 weeks. This timeline starts after the signing of the quote and when your first service (form, venue, payment, widget) is completed.

The timeline may run longer, so be sure to check with us. Sharing your hard deadlines at the start will help us plan for the unforeseen.

  1. Onboarding call

Our first interaction is a 30 minute Onboarding session, to understand where your priorities lie and the best course of action. 

  • We’ll chat about your goals with the digital services like what revenue you’d like to see an increase in, the structure in the municipality and the first items you’d like to see actioned. 
  • Show you how to set up your departments and invite members
  • Take a look on how you can set up the online payments
  • And, list resources you should send over to us in order to get started.

This call also provides training on the HeyGov app. The call is followed by a draft of the first digitized service whether it’s a form, venue, payment that you can test out. 

Once agreed, more services will be digitized for your testing and final approval.

  1. Reveal call (or email)

This allows us to present the progress, while checking whether we’re on the right track. It also gives you a sneak peak into the services, what it looks like and how it works. You’re encouraged to test functionality, forms and payment and inform us how to improve your digitized services. Once feedback is received, edits are implemented and we will send you the final draft. Your municipality's digital services are scheduled to go live within 48 hours.

When the forms, venues, payments or issues are live they will be embedded in your website through the HeyGov widget and within specific pages. Your municipality will also go public within the app and residents will be able to access your services from several different channels: app and website. 

This stage can be done through email but we strongly recommend scheduling a call. This call also includes training and live testing, to ensure everything is functional.

  1. Final training (or email)

By this point, we have confidence that you are comfortable with the app and will be able to take on the submissions from your residents. If not, we suggest scheduling another call to go through training on how to handle the submissions. This will also guide us on next steps in the process. 

We’re also available to host your colleagues if they need more hands on time with the app. 

Our goal is to get things done with you and that will help you drive your communities forward.

Continued work on digitization will be conducted in the following weeks. The door is always open as you will always be able to schedule with your Account manager at the 30 minute Onboarding link or email them at any time during and after the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

While that covers the basics, you probably have a few questions. Feel free to book a call with us or check out some of our FAQs below.

Can I send forms or venues before the onboarding call?

Yes, you certainly can! The sooner we can start, the better as it will move the process forward. 

What if we don’t know where to start?

It’s a normal reaction! If this is your first time trying to digitize services it’s completely understandable that you do not know what to start off with. 

We recommend the most frequently used form in your municipality. In our experience it’s often the Operators License or the Liquor License (AT-115).

Can I get the app working on my own?

Yes! Follow these simple steps to get it going:

  • Create your departments and add staff members
  • Up next, organize your online payments which you can see how to do in this video.

How long does it take to set up the online payments?

The onboarding process itself takes up to 5 minutes but the verification process might take 2-3 days before you can get money coming through the app.

Want to Get Started?

Now that you know exactly what to expect when you start your engagement with HeyGov, we’d love to hear from you. To get started, book an intro call with us and learn more about how HeyGov can help you accept online payments and go digital with your municipal services.

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