HeyGov Services that Clerks Will Love: Making Work Easier!

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Nelet Kok
March 8, 2022

HeyGov makes Clerk work easier! By saving clerks time with their daily tasks, and with white-glove customer support service all around the clock - to ensure you, the glue that keeps municipalities going, can focus on other (nicer) tasks.

This blog takes you through three services HeyGov provides (free of charge) that we know are always moved towards the bottom of the to-do list, because no one really likes doing it and (let's face it) you have a lot of other tasks!

But with HeyGov, these tasks are quick, painless and (dare we say) kind of fun?

Let's take a look at the three services:

Payment and recon reports

With HeyGov, you can say goodbye to the mundane task of reconciling payments! We provide a CSV report that includes all the data you need for your payment reconciliation process, every month, on request.

Tax Quarterly Reports

For Short Term Rentals (STR), taxes need to submit for the incomes during any given year. With HeyGov, each resident with a short-term rental (STR), can log in and click on the term they are submitting tax for, the STR details, gross room revenue with the taxes and make payment. Ta-da! 

Sock money

Is a thing of the past! For residents to buy a boat launch permit, point them to the QR code (courtesy of HeyGov): point, scan and pay. An electronic permit is made available to the resident and will appear on the admin screen that Clerks and PD have access to, to check who has boat licenses.

There you have it, making Clerk-work easier and better!

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