HeyGov at the WMCA District 7 conference

HeyGov loves meeting and interacting with the fantastic Clerks, Administrators and Managers of each municipality! And, during the warmer months, we get to do just that!

HeyGov CEO and Founder Dustin Overbeck and Chris Astrella, Past President of the WMCA & "Clerk-at-Heart" attended the WMCA District 7 meeting in Hortonville in June.

The aim of the meeting, was to talk about the changes in digital technology and how it influences the world around us. No small feat, because as we all know - it's all around, all the time! 

Here are the headlines of the discussion:

  • We’ve come a long way from the fax machine! In the meantime, we’ve seen one device take up the role of a video recorder, a camera, a phone, a walkman (remember those!) and a watch. 
  • The internet and its ups and downs (literally) help us to do all the things: meetings, banking, licenses and permits... Access to the internet can help or hinder an individual or communities ability to access information, assistance and connection to others.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, work from home and online schooling made us realize we are social creatures and we found innovative ways to connect. Think of all the apps we now have to make video calls!
  • Tasks that were done in person, are now done online. This means we are online 24/7/365.
  • The Millennials grew up with technology in the palm of their hand. We are all attached to our phones. We do everything online: already. We all enjoy the convenience of this freedom. 

For municipalities and individuals alike, this swift kick into a tech-driven environment means changing existing ways of doing to meet communities not only in person, but also online.

Solutions are better when shared, thank you to the WMCA and the Village of Hortonville for this great opportunity! And, last but not least, thank you to every Municipal Clerk, Administrator and Manager for all the inspiration in building solutions to make "Clerk-work" easier!

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