HeyGov at Conferences

We're at it again!

Summer is conference season at HeyGov! We started off this season with attending the WMCA New Clerk Training in May, held in Rothschild.
This event is set up to help new Clerks/Administrators find their feet and assist them with services, insights and support as they settle into running the various municipalities.

It was a rewarding day with our sister company, Town Web!

Miranda (left), Jerrica (right) both from our sister company Town Web

Here's a short summary of the points we touched on during the presentation:

  • After discussions with Clerks, we found some Clerks are faxing the applicant info over to the Police Department for background checks. It’s not efficient, involves several processes, and several paper copies of the same document. 
  • Another clerk explained that their town process 100 dog licenses, instead of at least a thousand for a municipality of their size. They’re losing out on $8,000-$16,000 a year in revenue from non-compliance. It’s hard for people to be compliant if it’s a big effort to fill out forms and pay.
  • We’ve heard explaining the check-in and out procedure to every individual wanting to rent out the community center, park shelter, gazebo or town hall is time consuming. Together with processing applications, it’s estimated that 30 min is spent on each application. This time puts strain on the rest of a Clerk’s to-do list.

As you can see, HeyGov is about solving the problems experienced by local government staff: yes, we're here to help make your life easier!

Up next, we're at the WMCA District 7 meeting held in Hortonville, Wisconsin on June 16th.

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