When will HeyGov launch an iOS/Android app?

Dustin Overbeck
August 6, 2021

Dozens of municipalities are interested in HeyGov (and it's only been a couple weeks). One the biggest questions that our city and town customers have asked is: Will there be a HeyGov mobile app for Android or the iPhone, and if so, when can we have it?

Topics discussed:

- BIG update about a HeyGov mobile app

- use case for City of Black River Falls

- using HeyGov to conduct a straw poll

If you want to get HeyGov for your municipality email us at heygov@heygov.com

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Dustin Overbeck
Wow, have I really been working in the government technology space since 2007? Oh yeah, I guess I have! That would probably make me a dinosaur 🦕 since my team and I have been building municipal website before the iPhone was released. LOL Government technology has sure come a long ways. My goal with HeyGov is to provide deeply integrated solutions to municipalities of all sizes.

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