Digitizing Your Boat Launch Permit With a QR Code

🎶 In the summertime, and the weather is fine! 🎶 

Boat launches are a public resource and very popular, especially in the summer months, but to get on it (legally) you need to pay a fee. The fees vary from county to county. Some municipalities charge for the use of boat launches, by providing a daily or annual boating permit to boaters. This blog post looks at new ways of handling boat launch permits.


Traditionally, the manual process involves a guy, sock-money and the tag. 

One end was torn off and placed into the car window, the other into the box by the boat launch.

This means, 

  • PD needs to be paid to check licenses daily, and over weekends. 
  • A kiosk that needs to be maintained annually, which can be quite expensive. 
  • Lost revenue to those who don't pay, although they might want to. Not having the correct cash or a checkbook to write a check for the payment. 

Digital boat launches with HeyGov means easy and efficient payment solutions for municipalities! 

  • Using a QR code at the marina, to prompt users to get a boating permit.
  • Digital payment, no more sock-money! 
  • Zero maintenance! 
  • PD gets access to boating permit holders
How it works
  • HeyGov digitizes your boat launch permit and places it onto your website
  • We provide you with a unique QR code that’s linked to the license on your website
  • We provide you with a printed copy, to go up at the marina.
  • Visitors and boaters point their phone to scan the QR code, apply and pay for their boat launch permit with HeyGov!

Boat launch permits aren’t the only thing a HeyGov QR code can be used for! Chat to us if you’d like to learn more! Or, pop into a Drop in Demo every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm (central time).

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