Activating 311 in your municipality

We have seen a huge interest in the 311 system in Q4 with 117% more customers signing up for the platform. They are communicating more and more with their residents in order to nurture their community. Clerks and Administrators have become heroes that move their municipality forward. They have been able to focus efforts and resources based on citizen input through Hey311.

As a team we want to ensure that each customer gets the absolute best from our services. That’s why we value transparency. It helps us interact with our customers and learn from their needs and goals. This article will show what to expect from our Onboarding team and it will share our timeline for Hey311 activation.

Our Process for Activating Hey311

While things occasionally change, you might find it helpful to read through this to understand the process. With this, we aim to make this process seamless and efficient. 

This gives you a clearer idea of what to expect as you consider or start your engagement with HeyGov.

Typically, onboarding takes approximately 3 days. This timeline starts after the signing of the contract or after the website is published.

Onboarding flow

The timeline may run longer, so be sure to check with us. Sharing your hard deadlines at the start will help us plan for the unforeseen.

1. Creating the account

- We create your HeyGov account and invite you to manage it

- We send a training email that includes a video on how to manage requests that residents are submitting

- We also include a link to schedule Training and can train all departments at once

2. Activating the account

- We activate the account and publish it in the Android and iOS apps

- We embed a widget on the right side of the website

- We also send a media kit that you can publish in order to inform your residents that they can submit request online

Free Training

By this point you are able to receive requests from your residents. If not ready, we suggest scheduling another call to go through training on how to handle the requests. This will also guide us on next steps in the process. 

We’re also available to host your colleagues if they need more hands on time with the app. 

Our goal is to get things done with you and that will help you drive your communities forward.

You will always be able to schedule with your Account manager at the 30 minute Onboarding/Training link or email them at any time during and after the process.

Want to Get Started?

Now that you know exactly what to expect when you start your engagement with HeyGov, we’d love to hear from you. To get started, book an intro call with us and learn more about how HeyGov can help you accept online payments and go digital with your municipal services.

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