Accepting Payments: Before HeyGov and After

We know it’s yearend and likely also (almost) the end of all your energies! So, to make things easier, here’s a graphic to explain payments before and after HeyGov.
HeyGov is a municipal payment solution, for local governments of all sizes. This means you can now use technology to make Clerk-work easier by accepting credit card payments for transactions.


  • Manual checks. 
  • Cash. 
  • Sock money from boaters or just no payment!
  • Making friends with the banking clerk, because you visit them regularly to make deposits.
  • Manual reconciliation every month! 


  • Everyone is always on the move! 
  • People want convenience: think about everything we do on our cellphones now! (Flight tickets, hotels, book a movie ticket…)
  • Everybody who has a phone can pay with a credit card
  • The transaction fee is paid by the resident (and, they’re happy to pay a small fee for the convenience!)
  • HeyGov syncs with your accounting software and you’re able to download all the payments made in a specific period of time, easy recons!

HeyGov, can help you save time and earn revenue while you carry on with the other important tasks on the list! 

We’d love to help you manage your to-do list: pop us a mail with questions or book your spot at a Drop in Demo, bi-weekly Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 pm (central). 

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